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  • Funny Pictures of Polar Bear Snoozing On Ice

    Polar Bear Happy Place

    George was in his happy place.
  • tattoowait

    While You Wait

    A surgeon is on duty if you can't wait.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  in Refrigerator

    Cat Leftovers

    Max thought he had found the purrfect plan to nab those left overs - that is until the…
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Leg Warmers

    Cat Socks

    Shelly was 2 rolls of duct tape away from a pair of new leg-warmers.
  • Dog Note

    ". . . so that's about all the news from home. Please tell Rex we miss him and that the…

Sunroof, Snowroof: Tomato,Tomato

A funny sunroof picture

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