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  • signlazyjanitors

    Lazy Janitor

    The supervisor's surprise inspection turned up evidence that rest stop janitors where…
  • sign scream for ice cream

    I Scream for Ice Cream

    The real truth behind the saying.
  • signnograss

    Not On Grass

    The showdown between the deacons and the property committee was on!
  • Funny Pictures of Car Roof Ripped By Airplane Wing

    Convertible Maker

    They tried everything to keep up with quotas down at the convertible factory.
  • transportationscutr

    Army Scooters

    S.C.U.T.R. - The latest tool in the army's arsenal of weapons.

Frank just wasn't taking the hint that his body odor was bothering the other garden club members.

Funny Pictures of Man Without Safety Suit

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