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  • Funny Pictures of Luxury SUV Seized by Sheriff

    SUV Seizure

    Crime does pay - it pays Brazos County at least.
  • Funny Pictures of Coyote Fan and Road Runner Hunter

    Coyote Fan and Road Runner Hunter

    Someday, someone is going to get that road runner.
  • A snowman with a bacon scarf.

    Bacon Scarf

    Bacon makes me feel warm too.
  • Cat Beg

    Lance's pets thought he was going to far with this "beg for your food" thing.
  • Funny Pictures of Man with Disc in Top Lip

    Can Opener

    Though some thought she looked strange Montabo sure was handy to have around to help open…

Earl spared no expense when Betty replied,
"I'll marry you when pigs fly!"


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