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  • Funny Pictures of Caution Sign on Machine.

    No Brain Sign

    Unfortunately IBM had to phase out this sign as computers got smaller and smaller -…
  • reduced to clear

    Reduced to Clear

    Here's one way to prevent riots on Black Friday. Thanks to @rickzelinsky for sharing this.
  • Funny Pictures of Transport Truck Leaning on a Cadillac

    Car Shoulder

    What I MEANT was, "Pull over on to the shoulder of THE ROAD!
  • Funny Pictures of Dog Floating In Pool.

    Dog Rest

    With the kids back in school, Fido had the first chance to rest in months!
  • Funny Pictures of Cement Truck Hitting Bank Roof

    Monday Morning Cement Truck

    Yes, it must be Monday morning.

Carrollton Avenue Baptist Church:
Proud participant in fire prevention week.

Funny Pictures of Stop, Drop and Roll Sign

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