Blue skies, bright sunshine, the color of blossoms and new growth everywhere I looked.  It was morning when all seemed well with the world.  I was returning from an early morning prayer time at the church.  Driving alone slowly ? well under the speed limit ? just enjoying the evidence of God's mighty power displayed in the beauty of springtime.

Activity along the edge of the busy roadway attracted my attention. A starling was busily collecting building material for her soon to be family home.  Now what could be more natural and legitimate than ?feathering your nest?? Tugging away on a good-sized stalk of grass while at the same time attempting to become airborne.  Surely persistence and tenacity, good old-fashioned values would be rewarded.  All attempts however proved to be fruitless.  A few flaps of its wings, a couple of inches off the ground and it was time to land again.  It just would not fly.  Why did this little starling achieve failure instead of success?  The building material, which it was so determined to transport to her fashionable townhouse, was still attached to the root system, a good-sized clump of grass.  'mission Impossible?.

It was amusing.  I smiled.  I wanted to laugh but how often do we as Christians act just as foolish as this well meaning Starling?  Engaged in our commendable and legitimate pursuits of making a living for ourselves and our families, we attempt to carry or fly with burdens that are likewise immovable, too heavy, beyond our load limit.  Frustration, anger, discouragement, plus a hose of other emotional and physical problems can result from such unwise conduct.  The words of a well-known hymn come to mind.

I must tell Jesus all of my trials

I cannot bear these burdens alone

In my distress He kindly will help me

He ever loves and cares for His own.

I must tell Jesus.  I must ell Jesus.

I cannot bear thee burdens alone;

I must tell Jesus.  I must tell Jesus.

Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.

A bird cannot pray, but a believer has the God given privilege to carry everything to God in Prayer.

Let's do so today.

Fred Schmidt, - member of and elder at Westside Bible Church, Victoria, BC
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