In response to the "Flu Do-Si-Do" joke ( the following comment was left anonymously under the name "A Caller" with a fake e-mail address.

This joke only perpetuates the hay-seed old time barn-dance that was Square Dancing. Modern Square Dancing is a Great & Fantastic, wholesome activity that is enjoyed by millions WORLD WIDE!!! We dance to every genre of music. Old & New. But, unfortunately, we can not seem to break "the image" of the dumb-hick hillbilly because of stupid things like this. I am ashamed that a "Church" would post something like this. Dance in Joy for the Lord and Let He that is without sin Cast the First Stone.


Since the original commenter remained anonymous (maybe they thought their address would be visible in the comments area and didn't want hoards of traditional, old school square dancers spamming them) I'm just going to leave a reply here in case they find this after I link to it in a Cybersalt Digest Issue.

Dear "A Caller"

Ummm . . . . . judging from all this baggage you dumped on me I think you have some issues.

First of all, all I did was post a joke (to a joke section) with some fun lyrics that fit into a certain style of square dance.  Nowhere at all is there even a single letter to indicate that I think, want to stereotype, or even care in the slightest bit about the square dance genre - traditional or modern.  Until I added this item to my site I didn't even know "doeseedoe" was spelled "Do-Si-Do".  I am inclined to think that your concern that the item stereotypes your passion in a certain way shows you are a little too sensitive about what people think about your hobby.  Try to be religious about something more deserving of devotion.

Secondly, what on earth does church have to do with any of this. Sure I am a pastor but the Cybersalt site is my hobby - not a church.  But since you raise the issue, we have squaredanced at our church.  Now, granted, we haven't square danced to "every music genre" as you do (we draw the line at dirty-dancing) but we had a great time just the same. And on the subject of dancing, my wife and I have been taking ball room dancing for more than 3 years now.

As far as throwing the first stone goes, I can't.  You already have!

- Pastor Tim