As many of you know, I have a seperate newsletter for jokes that I think are funny but that might not be the "cup of tea" others are looking for from a pastor.  Each mailing I send out on the PearlyGates newsletter contains a caveate about the content, but still there are some that just don't understand it - such as Anne Marie S. In response to "Call the Doctor" ( she wrote:

"I find this 'joke' tasteless."

I replied:

"Hi Ann, I guess you found the part that falls within the warning after each joke sent on this newsletter.

As a pastor I think it is a funny example of the situations we get into when kids innocently say something that really puts us on the spot. But, I sent it to this list because I know some people might not see it that way. Trust me, there is something in every joke sent to the PearlyGates newsletter that bothers someone."

Anne Marie retorted:

This one was inappropriate and tasteless and you should really have known better. Did you not think it would be offensive to more than just one person? Really.

As a pastor, perhaps you can pass the more tasteless 'jokes' on verbally (or in your personal contact email list) to those people whom you know better than those of us out here whom you don't know at all. I trust that when I open emails from you they will not contain inappropriate issues. That's why I subscribe. Theologically incorrect, I can accept, so long as it does not cross the line.

I wrote back:

You have to understand, though, that when it comes to drawing that line, everyone draws it in different places.

If you go to the archives you'll see that On November 1st, some people think I am making fun of southerners, on the 29th people are offended that I'd pass along a joke with beer in it, on the 27th I am mocking prayer, on the 25th I am making light of the problem of teen pregnancy.

Everyone who objects to those jokes thinks both you (since you didn't object to those) and I should know better and should not cross their line.

As for me, I run the list and draw my line and have been clear about that. If you are no longer comfortable with my line you can unsubscribe from that particular list. If you do I hope you will continue to enjoy the Cybersalt Digest.

Anne Marie replied with 2 e-mails, five minutes apart:

#1 - 

You HAVE to understand that I don't need a lecture. I'll be unsubscribing. You are quite nervy Tim.....unbecoming of a pastor....if you really are one. I'll be blocking your emails as well.

I've drawn MY line.

#2 - 

Forgot to mention, I do not have time to read all your emails and I don't remember any on teen pregnancy, mocking prayer, etc etc. I have a lot to do and read when I can. Obviously I missed those posts, otherwise I would have told you it is most tasteless to make 'jokes' about teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is truly a tragic, sad even that harms most families, young girls, babies and would-be 'real' fathers and 'real' men involved of truly good and holy futures.

Really, Tim, you should know this and joke about other things.
Ann Marie

PS I have sent your 'joke' to many of my friends. They agree with me. Be careful if you want to continue this questionable 'ministry'. Your email is blocked in MY book.

I wrapped things up with:

Lol, I always get a kick out of people who lecture about not needing a lecture.  I have to think that if I wasn't a pastor you'd tell me not to preach to you!

Your last two e-mails are a meal of irony with a side order of passive aggressiveness and bullying judgement for dessert. However, I'm going to pass on eating it since it's bad for my blood pressure and gives me the runs.

Pastor Tim