OK.  So each day in my Cybersalt Digest newsletter I try to put pithy (BTW I don't have a lisp) comments to describe things that are new on the Cybersalt Site.  I put this news under a heading that says "Cybersalt News".

Yesterday there was no news so instead of leaving that section blank I put:

"I have good news for you; well, they say no news is good news."

Helen C. replied:

"This isn't funny, esp coming from a man of God.  The Gospel is literally GOOD NEWS."

I wrote Helen back:

Hi Helen.

That came from under the title “Cybersalt News” where I put info about what is new on the Cybersalt Site.

There was no Cybersalt news yesterday – hence the comment.

I think you need to relax.

Helen get's the last word here:

"okay.  I think I need to unsubscribe."