This flame I orignally didn't bother putting here but when the sender contacted me again out of the blue months later it was clear it owned a spot here.

So back on January 19th (today is March 27th) B***** Baker unsubscibed from one of my lists and gave the following reason for doing so:

I only wanted jokes, not to be preached to.  Left the cult of mormonism, and at this point I just don't want to be force fed about any religion, cause I found out that the Mormons were and still are a bunch of liars and I have no idea where their theory of theology came from along with all those secrets. Of course they never told me any of this when I was recruited,which is why I left.  I have since rejoined my Catholic church,and am much happier, but I only go when I want to go.  They don't take "attendance" like the mormons do.  I am currently helping a gal leave mormonism as well, as she was lied to also.I feel that God must be asking me to help her as she seems to be going through a very hard time right now, and has now gotten rid of all her mormon literature.  I guess she had been praying to the mormon version of God, and not the real one, or to the real Jesus.  That is where I come in, to show her right and wrong, but not to force any faith on her, as she needs my total support right now, and if she decides to go to any church, then that is her decision.  Thank you.

To busy to really diagnose what causes a person to feel force fed while reading an e-mail they signed up for from a pastor, I replied:

Thanks for your feedback.

You clearly have issues about Mormonism and I'm not sure what that has to do with any of the e-mails sent out from any of the lists on You signed up of your own free will and have unsubscribed of your own free will and other than noticing your huge emotional scar that has created a kneejerk reaction to an e-mail newsletter I have no opinion or judgment of you as a human being.

I hope in time you find the healing you need - of course only if you want it.  

God Bless, Pastor Tim

Today, more than 2 months after receiving B's first e-mail, the following suddenly showed in my e-mail - a reply to a joke mailing I sent out January 1:

Just wanted to let you know that your jokes are stupid, and I still think you are an idiot...Never got to tell you that when I unsubscribed to your stupid joke list! Also, I still dont appreciate you being so mean to me cause you acted just like one of those inbred soul soliciting mormons...everybody here thinks so too.
Maybe you should use your spare time studying how to be a real priest instead of forcing your crappy theology down everyones throat!!

My reply:

Thanks for letting me know you are still thinking of me!

Pastor Tim

I love having fans.  I love it so much I'll even let them have the last word - well at least the ones I'll allow on this site.

B replied:

I think you are a s*tan worshipper, so why dont you move to Salt Lake or better yet Hilldale, UT and join up with the rest of your inbred soul soliciting pig f****r cousins, then take your FAKE Bible and shove it up your self righteous a*s so far that it makes you choke. Dont ever write me again as I have unsubscribed to your stupid web site you jackass!! If you continue to pester me,I WILL file a complaint against you to the ISP!!I will sue you for harrasment if this continues, as I was checking and tossing OLD TRASH Mail, and for some reason you sent me mail that ended up in SPAM. We think you are a bottom feeder and you are again notified I will sue you if your correspondence continues. You are NOT a real priest anyway.