frying pan cast ironI've learned to seek a message in some simple, homey ways,
And I've found many lessons in the dreariest of days.
So one day in my kitchen, I began to sing a song
About the iron skillet that I've cooked with for so long.

Oh, I've had other vessels of different shapes and brands...
Bowls with copper bottoms, and shiny pots and pans,
But when I need a frying pan, each time I seem to choose
The black cast iron skillet...the one I always use.

No, its not much to look at; its been around awhile,
And in a modern kitchen, I suppose it's out of style.
But it's just the thing for corn bread, or frying up some taters,
So I'll save my stainless steel pans. Could be I'll use them later.

The world is like a kitchen; its people, pots and pans.
Each vessel made for a special use, and not by human hands.
Precious golden chalices and fancy silver cups,
And crystal glasses, waiting for the Lord to fill them up.

Now I'm not much to look at, but the Lord must have a need
For a common country person who moves at her own speed...
Whose clothing isn't fancy and whose manners are quite plain:
If I feel He can use me, then my life is not in vain.

Each person has a purpose...and if only we will see,
God has a plan for everyone, and there's a plan for me.
So maybe now you understand why I can shout and sing:
I'm a cast iron skillet in the kitchen of a King!