building"An utterly fascinating illustration of this duping of ourselves is the latest arts building opened at Ohio State University, the Wexner Center for the Performing Arts, another one of our chimerical exploits in the name of intellectual advance.

Newsweek branded this building "America's first deconstructionist building." It's white scaffolding, red brick turrets, and Colorado grass pods evoke a double take.

But puzzlement only intensifies when you enter the building, for inside you encounter stairways that go nowhere, pillars that hang from the ceiling without purpose, and angled surfaces configured to create a sense of vertigo.

The architect, we are duly informed, designed this building to reflect life itself - senseless and incoherent - and the "capriciousness of the rules that organize the built world."

When the rationale was explained to me, I had just one question: 'Did he do the same with the foundation?'

The laughter in response to my question unmasked the double standard our deconstructionists espouse.

And that is precisely the double standard of atheism!

It is possible to dress up and romanticize our bizarre experiments in social restructuring while disavowing truth or absolutes. But one dares not play such deadly games with the foundations of good thinking."

- Ravi Zacharias