teddy bear fantasyTeddy Bears make the best friends because . . . .

They don't feel they need to tell you that you have bad breath

They never borrow money

They never beat you at checkers

They don't ever complain when you eat potato chips in bed

They don't laugh at your choice of clothes

They never borrow your favorite sweater

They never outgrow you intellectually

They don't eat all your chocolate chip cookies

They are never disloyal, critical or ungrateful

They never interrupt when you're talking

They never feel the need to tell you that you're too fat

They don't eat all your popcorn at the movies

They never get jealous of your other friends

They don't tell you how to drive

They don't hog the bathroom

They hardly ever embarrass you at parties

Thy never leave dirty socks on the floor

They never say "I told you so"

They listen to all your problems

They are always ready to give you a hug


They always love you...just the way you are.