space shuttleA space shuttle was launched with two monkeys and a woman on board. Once the shuttle was in orbit, the control centre radioed instructions: "Monkey number one! Monkey number one to the console!"

The monkey scurried over, perched itself in front of the console and was told to release the pressure in compartment one, increase the temperature in engine four and release oxygen to the reactors. The monkey adjusted the pressure and temperature and released the oxygen.

A few moments later the control centre called again:

"Monkey number two! Monkey number two to the console!" Monkey number two swung over and settled in front of the control panel. He was told to add carbon dioxide to room four, stop the fuel injection to engine three, add nitrogen to the fuel compartment and analyse the solar radiation. So the monkey adjusted the carbon dioxide, fuel injection and nitrogen and analysed the solar radiation.

A little later, headquarters called again:

"Woman, please! Woman approach the console!"

The woman wandered over and sat down. Before she could receive any orders she blurted out, "I know! I know! Feed the monkeys and don't touch anything!"