Imagine yourself walking along The High street of life and each of the shop fronts has something to entice you in:

The Materialism shop offers you all the creature comforts you could ever want, but they must be returned, left right where they are when you come to the end of the street.

There are many different kinds of relationship shops that you may hop in and out of, but they may also throw you out at a moments notice and each one may leave it’s own individual scar.

Then there are the religious shops which will cause you to appear to have found an element of respectability but will tie you up in knots with the contractual complexities.

And then there is a rather straight and narrow shop and it does not appear to have nearly as many customers as the others, but it keeps all it’s promises and will attend to your every need even though what is on offer remains simple and has never changed with the latest fashions. It will supply all that is required for you to pass on from the High Street of Life to the Road of Eternal life.

Each shop is a voice calling to you. Which will you listen to?

- Neil Winterton(UK)