The Risk of InnocenceTiny, helpless
swaddled in hay
washed, clothed, fed
carried each day.

Poverty, heat
occupied land
Romans, cruel Herod
Palestine sand.

Emptying self
and breaking through
with limits of flesh
temptations too.

Humbling state
becoming man
descending, submitting
in divine plan.

Now here I stay
hindered by fears
election, economy
noise in my ears;

Afraid of the future,
old age, disease
of person or thing
threatening ease.

No matter that
my neighbors slide
day after day
hurting inside,

Or that poor and oppressed
desperately need
compassionate friend
and long to be freed.

But I hold Good News,
in my comfort place,
of God’s visitation
mercy and grace.

Lord give me strength
through trembling and tears
with numbered days
diminishing years,

To move out in faith
reaching with love
sharing your truth
pointing above.

Jesus, you loved me
before I knew
giving your all
let me risk all for you!

- By Dave Veerman