phone number buttonsMy mother began getting calls from people who misdialed the similar number of a new computer repair business.

Mom, who had had her number for years, asked the owner of the company to have the number changed.

quote 1862

"There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience."

- French Proverb

fishing tackleWhen my nephew Arthur was little, the local pastor dropped by my sister's house for a visit. My brother-in-law, an avid fisherman, was preparing for a weekend at the lake when suddenly little Arthur bellowed, "My daddy's got worms!''

"Oh," replied the preacher,"You mean he's got fishing worms?"

With a straight face my nephew said: "No, he's got worms."

While he had a perplexed look on his face, only divine wisdom that comes from years of ministry kept the pastor from asking any further questions.

(Mike Burleson)

quote 1861

"The shortest distance between us and the life we long for is total obedience to Christ."

- Max Anders

roofersMy friend Bev and her husband were reshingling their roof. As soon as they started, they realized they needed more supplies, so Bev grabbed the checkbook, jumped into her car, and drove the 45 miles to the nearest lumberyard.

After gathering the items she needed, Bev went up to the cashier and wrote a check. "I really need to see a photo ID," the clerk said.

"I don't have one on me," Bev replied.

The cashier called over the manager, who examined the check.

The manager looked up and asked Bev, "Who is the Avon lady in your town?"

Puzzled, Bev responded, "Maxine Thompson."

"Take her check," the smiling manager said to the cashier. "Maxine is my grandmother."


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