security guardWhen I worked for the security department of a large retail store, my duties included responding to fire and burglar alarms. A side door of the building was wired with a security alarm, because it was not supposed to be used by customers.

Nevertheless they found the convenience of the exit tempting. Even a sign with large red letters, warning "Alarm will sound if opened," failed to deter people from using it. One day, after attending to a number of shrieking alarms, I placed a small handmade sign on the door that totally eliminated the problem:

"Wet paint."

quote 1913

“If you try to grow the church, you may or may not get disciples. But if you grow disciples, you will always get the church.”

- Mike Breen

church1The pastor had been disturbed by a person who was a fast reader.

"We shall now read the Twenty-third Psalm in unison," he announced.

"Will the lady who is always by 'the still waters' while the rest of us are in 'green pastures,' please pause until we catch up?"

child boyI recall a time when my son was about 18 months old. I had him strapped into a backpack and was rushing to catch the bus. Apparently I missed my step and fell down an entire flight of stairs (13 to be exact). I was bruised and bleeding and had torn my jeans ... but my main concern was, naturally, for my child.

My fears were alleviated, though, when from behind me I heard a gleeful giggle followed by, "Again!"

quote 1912 

"When he called his society together, Jesus gave its members a new way of life to live.
He gave them a new way to deal with offenders - by forgiving them;
He gave them a new way to deal with violence - by suffering;
He gave them a new way to deal with money - by sharing it;
He gave them a new way to deal with problems of leadership - by drawing upon the gift of every member, even the most humble;
He gave them a new way to deal with a corrupt society - by building a new order, not smashing the old;
He gave them a new pattern of relationship between man and woman, between parent and child, between master and slave, in which was made concrete a radical new vision of what it means to be a human person."

- Stanley Hauerwas


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