Offending others by how you share the Good News of Jesus is not the same as their being offended by the Good News of Jesus.

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This message answers a number of questions ? one of which is ?Is it everyone?s responsibility to evangelize or just a gifted few?? The answer, and this whole message, will challenge the status quo view many hold regarding how a church should be structured and what keeps it healthy.

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Many of you have already heard Rev. Charles McKnight preach on occasions when Pastor Tim was away, so you will not be surprised at the encouragement this message from Charles is.

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Ever been frustrated? Of course you have been. We all get worked up over the things that grind us down. Is there a cure for frustration or a way to avoid it?  More importantly, once you are in its grip, how can you get free of it?  These are all questions answered in this message

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Can political power help God?s kingdom grow? That?s the question answered in this sermon.

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Featured Illustration items are well suited for introducing or illuminating a point in a sermon, speech, or devotional. Funny, moving, or perhaps even graphic, the point of them is the point you make with them.

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