Many people put their trust in good works to grease the rails with God, but works can never earn forgiveness for us.

However, make no mistake! Good works are a key part of following Jesus and God's will for our life. The followers of Jesus living in Thessalonikka were models for all of us because their works were produced by faith.

The followers of Jesus living in Thessalonika were models to Christians all over the world and are to us - especially when we need to regain our sense of assurance that God truly has saved us.


Though what God is doing around us may cause us to wonder, let's not stay in that wonder and miss the power of God for our lives.

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The crowd on the first Palm Sunday had gathered for more than just a party or a parade. They desperately wanted to be saved.

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Becoming a Christian means you have been set free from unneccessary spiritual burdens, but at times a maturing follower of Jesus choses to take embrace those burdens back into their life. Listen to find out why anyone would do this.



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A discussion about Truth and Reconciliation with two members of the Wiikwemkoong First Nation, and a member and Chief of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation.

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