A spiritual gift is a divinely given ability to perform the role God has placed us in the church to do.  Does having a certain gift make one better than someone with a different gift?  Are there gifts for boys only and not for girls?  Are there some gifts that are just plain and easily controlled whereas others are dramatic and require some kind of emotional kick to get started?

The answer to the above depends on how many classes of spiritual gifts there are - and there are not as many as some people like to think. 

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Jesus is more than an insurance policy for the soul or a product to inflate the church's grwoth statistics.

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The early church wasn't as "great" as some have portrayed it to be.  In Reality, the true picture of what it was (and what today's church needs to be) is much better anyway.

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Sometimes we reach a point in life when we just need to stop and ask ourselves where our Joy went - if we ever had it all. 

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Sometimes the wonderful greatness of God's plan for the church can be lost amongst the many things we get distracted by when considering or talking about church.

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Featured Illustration items are well suited for introducing or illuminating a point in a sermon, speech, or devotional. Funny, moving, or perhaps even graphic, the point of them is the point you make with them.

Our collection of inspiring quotes.

A discussion about Truth and Reconciliation with two members of the Wiikwemkoong First Nation, and a member and Chief of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation.

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