I don't know if you've seen the movie entitled "Pay it Forward". It was produced in 1998, and told the story of a boy who when challenged by his history teacher to come up with an idea that would "change the world", came up with the thought that everyone should pass on to others the kindness and help that others have given to them. It is one of my favorite movies. We too often think about ourselves instead of thinking about others.
Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves. Kindness and compassion for others is quickly becoming a lost art in today's fast-paced world. It seems everyone is so busy thinking about themselves, and their own wants and desires that they forget about anyone else. Either that, or they could honestly care less about anyone else. Many people just don't seem to care.

One of the main purposes of Inspirit News is to rekindle the spirit of compassion in America and around the world. We want people to realize the importance of helping others, the importance of being kind. Let's slow down this fast-paced, rushed and confused lifestyle, and stop and smell the roses once in a while.

Many of us never stop and think about how many people there are out there who need our help. How much just a friendly smile, and helpful action can make a person's day! We just need to take time for others. By putting others first in our lives, we are helping ourselves as well. The person who lives for others is happy. Happy people make better employees, better fathers, better mothers, better citizens.

Here are a few brief thoughts on taking time for others:

1. Be considerate of others. The word considerate means; "having regard for others and their feelings." It's sad, but true that those who disregard the feelings of others are often the first to complain when their own feelings are ruffled. Someone has said; "Consideration for the rights of others is the strongest link in the chain of human kindness." So, let's practice the act of consideration. The next time you're on the road and someone is trying to get over into your lane, slow down and let them over, don't speed up and say; "You're not getting in front of me!" Most of the problems in our lives are caused by selfishness, and our not caring about others.

2. Be cooperative with others. A workman was trying to get a box through a not so wide doorway and was struggling. A passing stranger offered his help. After several minutes they found that it would not budge. "We'll never get this box out!" said the stranger. "Out? I'm trying to get it in!" said the workman. The same can be said for many people in life, they are constantly fighting and arguing with everyone they come in contact with, they don't want to work together with anyone. The following poem simply explains this:

All have a share in the beauty
All have a part in the plan.
What does it matter what duty,
Falls to the lot of the man?

Someone must pour the plaster,
Someone must carry the stone.
Neither the man nor the master,
Ever has builded alone.

Making a roof from the weather,
Or building a house for a king.
Only by working together,
Have we ever accomplished one thing!.

So, let's stop and get off the crazy rollercoaster of life, and make a difference by helping others, by encouraging others, and by living for others.

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you!

? 2004 - Joshua Goodling.
About Joshua Goodling - At the age of four, Joshua was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only one week to live. That was over 34 years ago, so it's been a long week. He is now an inspirational and motivational speaker, seeking to encourage and inspire others to make a difference in today's world. You can visit his website at
http://www.joshuagoodling.com. He is also the founder of http://www.inspiritnews.com. You can contact him at [email protected]