"I will protect those who trust in my name. When they
call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will
 satisfy them with a long life and give them my salvation."
Psalm 91:14-16 (NLT)

Gone are the fierce storms of last evening. All day the meteorologists had been warning us of the impending danger. Outside the air was so humid you could hardly breathe.

About dusk, black clouds, with a hint of that strange green hue which normally means hail, rolled across our area of the country. For about an hour the weather alerts kept ringing in our ears. Lightning lit up the sky and the wind blew fiercely.

We prayed to God asking Him to keep his protective angels around us.

Finally, the rumble of the thunder went farther and farther away and we could no longer hear the rain beating against our windows. Once again, God had brought us safely through the huge storm.

Today, I am having my quiet time on the front porch where the storm blew so ferociously during those turbulent minutes. The chairs have been turned upright after being tossed against the side of the house. The air is clean and pure as my husband gathers up fallen limbs from the trees. Leaves blow gently in the air, and the warm sun kisses my face as I say a prayer of thankfulness.

Sometimes the storms of life come upon us with the same fierceness we experienced last night. Perhaps just as the Weather Channel had been warning all day, there was a slight pierce of your consciousness that all was not right in your life.

Yet, unready to completely surrender your life to God, you hang onto those seemingly innocent encumbrances. You become stagnant in your prayer life and study of God's Holy Word. Worship time diminishes until it becomes a secondary consideration. Then storms of doubt and fear and unbelief begin to choke your relationship with God.

If you cry out to Him, just as we did amidst the thunder and lightning last evening, He will answer you. As your Heavenly Father, He longs to tenderly bring you back into the fold. There may be a period of sifting days while God ever so gently remolds and remakes you into His likeness. But, there will soon be a time when the storms of life have gone, and there is peace and joy flowing through your mind and soul again.

Melva Cooper, Copyright 2004
Used with permission.