"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God."
Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

Wow, what a voice!

It was deep, melodious, and strong as one of my favorite singers sang from a gospel video.

Actually, I had attended a live concert and her music ministered mightily to me. There was something more than was seen and heard on the surface. An anointing encircled her that went way beyond her physical voice.

An interview followed her singing. I listened intently as she answered questions from her heart. Once again, I was captivated by the presence of the Lord in her countenance. She told how God had brought her through some struggles in her life. These days she sings in solo, sold-out venues around the world.

"How did you get with the right people?" she is often asked. To which she answers, "I tell them, first you have to get with God! He is the one that gives you the anointing and gets you to the right ones to help you minister for Him."

Have you gotten with God lately?

Does your daily agenda show a time to spend in His Word? Is your prayer time all talking? Are you still long enough to hear His voice speaking to you?

Today, get with God!

Give Him your life. Surrender your hopes and dreams. Receive the anointing that is ready for you. Then go and minister in His precious Name. It may be to huge concerts much like the gospel singer I was listening to, or perhaps it will be your own family and those you come in contact with daily.

Just remember, it all starts when you 'get with God'.

Melva Cooper, Copyright 2004