"Love the Lord, all you faithful ones! For the
Lord protects those who are loyal to Him."
Psalm 31:23 (NLT)

We prayed for the safety of our youth while they would be traveling many miles on a mission trip.

I thought about how these days we are apprehensive about our safety and security. Businesses and private families spend billions of dollars every year for alarms, security guards, closed circuit television and other ways, trying to create our 'safe haven' in the workplace and in the home. It seems the more we spend the less secure we feel.

Microchips embedded in official ID's and scanners that read the unique geometry of each hand are used in our Olympic Games around the world. School-aged children are now wearing discreet homing devices in case they are kidnapped. Cell phones can be programmed to know every move that is made by the one that is carrying the phone. Finding the location of a vehicle electronically, can now be done by some motor companies.

We have found that security has become a way of life.

God desires to watch over us and make our steps firm. Seek HIS protection through your love and loyalty to Him.

He will direct your way!

Melva Cooper, Copyright 2004
Used with permission.