Busy family days ..

Well, Long time since I posted anything...

I went into the old blog network and copied all the posts I could find and have them stored in my documents..I didn't want to loose them all I guess I should copy all the blogs I make to my docs like a diary of sorts...

I have considered re-posting some of them...

I have been pretty busy the last few days..
We had a 4th of July party and and a Birthday and a Birthday party and Marty and Mom came to visit and that all happened in a little more than a week..

It was really good to have so much to do but the only down side was being tired all the time..
I got my sleep schedule messed up and never got it back and stayed tired until today when I slept till 10am...
I feel much rested today and that is so nice..
I need my 8 hours a night for some reason..
My husband gets by on much less and for the life of me I do not know how..

On the 4th we had burgers and dogs and a flag cake and ice cream..

All were here and we did a few fireworks...
It was my sisters birthday too and I wish she could have been here..

On the 5th we went over to Ben and Miriam's for dinner and a cake for Michelle..

On the 6th I spent the day cleaning  house as Marty and Mom were to be here on Friday..
Miriam was a big help as she dusted high places I could not reach and vacuumed for me..what a sweetie to help...I hurt my back a few years ago and cannot vacuum without it hurting ...

Then I made tempura for all of us..
Miriam had never had it before and it is not something I make very often as it takes about 4 hours of non stop frying to get it all done..
I used   bell peppers and green tomatoes from the garden and onions and mushrooms and chicken strips..
I love the green peppers...very good dinner...

Marty and Mom came in on Friday evening and we were grilling chicken and had green tomato pie and that was a hit...
 I have the recipe on my web page if you are interested in it..
I could not find one I really liked so I edited a couple of  recipes to my liking...
Again the whole family was here...We are blessed...

On Saturday Andrew made a pork roast for dinner ...

Aunt Dorothy sent some items to Corina and I..
Heather loves dishes so I knew she would want them and there are some rugs that I know Crystal will want..
It is nice to have reminders of someone around you..
I have a beautiful lamp that every time I see it I think of Aunt Dorothy and remember all the times we were allowed a few minutes of time with her and uncle Wayne..
And it is really nice that my children have a reminder too...

Sunday Marty and Mom went to Church with Andrew and then to lunch and it was a lazy afternoon as every one here was tired..

Sunday evening was the big Party for the girls..

Miriam and Ben worked so hard on getting it all together..
The party was a big success for the girls..
I sneaked out to go home for about 20 minutes..
I am not so much a party person..I do not think anyone even knew I left anyhow as there were so many there..
Marty helped make the hamburgers and Andrew helped grill them..
Many little kids running around having a great old time..
I cannot get everyone in a picture so I decided just to post ones of the  kids but there were a lot of folks there...
  A few of them in one spot..
The children had a wonderful time..
the piñata was one tough paper critter  to break..
Someone finally burst it before all the kids had blisters on their hands for trying so hard..
There was one little girl there that was really good at whacking the thing and she was wearing a yellow outfit and cute as a bug..

But they really all had a lot of fun and ate a lot of candy and food and soda and played well up until really late..
Then the girls opened their presents and they were so cute and so happy with their gifts..
Everyone got them just perfect presents..

Monday morning Marty and Mom left to go home..
I hope they can come back in the not so distant future..

Today, Tuesday,  Michael and Corina had to go to the doc again to get the last skin cancer removed from Corina's scalp..
Hopefully this will be the last one for a while..
If she crosses your mind pray for her that her skin stay as healthy as possible...

Well..that's it in a nutshell ...
Praise God for all my wonderful family!!
We are really blessed...
My computer is making some bad noises so If I do not show up for a while again it may be my computer will need to be seriously repaired..
I hope that is not the case but if it is then I will post again when I get the chance..
Lord Bless Us each morning with peace  in our hearts  and a love for Him...






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