Call me Doctor, Sakes Alive

The title ''Brother'' once I wore, but that can satisfy no more.

Since on my journey up to fame, they added ''Reverend'' to my name.

Now, they call me ''Doctor,'' how I love it. There is no title above it.

At camps and conventions I will Shine, Praise The Lord, the title's mine.

Once I was humble, but now Iam proud, walking with the Doctor crowd.

Surely the world hath need of me, a man of the cloth with such a nice degree.

The Apostle Paul never knew such bliss, for he had no title to equal this.

So call me ''Doctor'' sakes alive, on my ego I must thrive.

[On January 15, 2008 Gospel Ministries of Knoxville, Tn awarded me a honorable Doctor of Divinity degree in regognition of over 50 years of Christian Service. But the Title ''Brother'' or ''sister'' is the highest in my humble opinion.] 

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