Joyful September!!

SmileNo, I really didn't fall off of the face of the earth..

My Son and Daughter-in-law had a new baby boy.Laughing
She was having some difficulty and was on bed rest so I had the privilege of watching Kiara for 3 weeks while waited and then while she recuperated from the birth..
What a wonderful time I had..
The Lord allowed me such a treat to be able to watch my little Granddaughter..
We danced and hoped and giggled and make bubbles and played in the swing and made lots of noise..
Funny how much fun grand kids are..my own kids were not as much fun as they are..
Perhaps the responsibility has a sobering affect on you..
I don't know...

I hope I will be able to spend more time with her as after they hit 6 they change dramatically..
My favorite age for children is birth to 5....
Love the 2's...absolutely love to watch them with their joy of life and the wide eyed amazement of learning something new or just seeing a kitty outside the window...
God sure bundled a lot of love up into those small little bodies for us Grandparents to soak up and enjoy...
And to give out to - can't hug them enough.Kiss

 But that special time passed all to quickly and now I am home again and back to the norm..
I am cleaning out the closet and my dresser drawers..
Instead of spring cleaning I am doing fall cleaning..
It has been fun..I so love the season change and especially the wonderful cool weather..
Crunching brown leaves under foot and of course my least favorite part it cleaning out all of those soggy brown leaves from the "pond"...
No one cleaned the pond filter while I was away and the poor fish cannot see where they were going..
It will take a while for the water to become clear again probably...

Well, I am praising God for the past months privilege of being with my granddaughter and for the birth of a grandson and they sheer joy of it all....

 Praise Him for His marvelous kindness...
You all have a blessed day!! I plan on it!!Cool