Had jury duty Mon. As luck would have it, I sat next to young woman who attends the xxxChurch. I asked her to tell me about her church and the other satelite churches. She said they had "the most awesome music" She talked about that for a while. She said she could not go to a "regular" church. She would be so bored. I asked her what her pastor teaches or preaches. She screwed up her face and thought and thought, she was obvoiusley not sure. She finally said, he teaches the "trendy stuff". First time I heard the "WORD" called stuff. I asked was her pastor there for her and her family  when she needed prayer or guidance. She said, "Oh no, he's not accessible to us"  Then she asked," are my boobs too big?"

I was so glad that at that moment they called our numbers for jury.

AM I too judgemental? (Jury Duty?)


God is Good!

All the time!