Wow. I am still here.

Amazing and a great point for PRAISE.
Bad health, 13 or 14 addmissions to hospital and losing my job. 3? years ago I was chairbound, rarely sleeping in bed 'cos of breathing difficulties. The computer and internet communities were an absolute life saver. Remember talking the night through in one christian chat room many times.
My Dr reckoned I may last untill winter 2001/2.

*Grin* Spring 2005, back to a four day working week where I stay on my feet all day. Getting around under my own steam. Was ill a week ago, and commented to my friend this morning - "Every time I am ill
- and get better, I always feel stronger than before." I wonder how long that can continue?

I won't dwell on that question, but contiually give thanks to God for strength surging back into my body.