My name is Becky.  I live in a little town called Georgetown, Ohio.  I grew up in the next town over, and was raised in church by my God-fearing mother.  I was saved as a teenager, but like most, let the world take over.  I believe I received my wake up call in 2000 when I fell into depression.  I feel God let this happen to me because I was not living for him.  I had been married almost a year, and had moved 600 miles away from everything I knew and loved to be with my new husband who was in the military.  I ended up in a phsyciatric hospital because I was suicidal.  After I came home, I told my husband that we needed to go to church.  Thank God he said yes.  We started going to church, and I gave my life back over to the Lord.  Since then, my husband has also given his life back to God.  We both love the Lord and serve Him as best as we know how.  We have since moved back home, become liscensed foster parents and have 1 wonderful little girl living with us as a foster child.  My husband plays the trumpet on the worship team at church, and I sing.  We have become involved in a couples fellowship, and have made some wonderful friends that we know we can count on to pray with us in times of need. 

I praise the Lord because He has done so may wonderful things for me.  He healed me of diabetes as a child.  I have been healed of asthma and allergies, and of many many things.  He has blessed us with a new place to rent, a bigger one, so we can fill it with more children.  No, not we, He.  My husband and I both love children very much.  We are believing for a child of our own, and have been told by several different people that God is going to fill our home with children.  HALLELUJAH!!!  I will take them any I can get them.  Whether by adoption, or by giving birth to them.

I just love the Lord with all my heart, and am so glad that he saved a wretched bum like me!!!

God bless you all!!!