My son visited a satellite church in Plano. He said he didn't know what a satellite church was but presumed that it was a smaller church planted by the larger church in Grapevine. He said he fully expected the rock music and light show, but not how the sermon was presented. He found out what a satellite church was when the giant movie screen was lowered over the staging area. He said they don't have a real pastor but rather big video screen version of a motivational speaker giving a message that almost sounded like a Christian message.

My son asks, "Can a church like this, without a pastor, be effective? Does this satellite church serve any purpose other than to bring in money for the larger church or is it just an ego thing?"

I logged onto the Grapevine church's website. They seem to have a lot of works. Definately a lot of members. A lot of motivational resources for sale. But I saw nothing for the satellite church. Why not just stay home and watch on TV? Do they go there to be seen? Do they feel less pressured by not having a live pastor who just might make them feel convicted? Do they go to hook up with somebody for luch after church? I don't get it. 

Maybe I just need that under shepherd there just in case I might have a question or need him to agree with me in prayer or just some guidance. Maybe I'm the nut. Maybe I am judging...

Well, lunch is over, gotta go.