I thought I would share this here.. A little later than most resolution posts but very relevant to my life and to those who see the need to remain resolved... Smileycons!

Hello Everyone..
I had a very busy month or so as I am sure you did ..
It is amazing how on Nov. 1st the Holiday season seems like so far away and how on Jan.1st you wonder what happened and you feel like it flew by and left you standing in the breeze...

A new year ahead and an old one behind..
Hopefully we have grown in the last year in our understanding and relationship with the Lord and will continue to grow in the coming year..

I do not do New Year Resolutions..
Never had much of a desire as a youth and then after I really started walking with the Lord I realized life should be a continual time of resolution..
We need to be continually seeing things in our lives we need to take ourselves to task over..repent of and allow the Holy Spirit to change us..
To resolve in our hearts to walk out of the darkness we now see in ourselves and into a brighter path with Him ...

It is not always easy to see a fault He shows us ..
Sometimes it takes our breath away when He shows us ..
We wonder how we could have ever been so blind as to not see it before..
But we have to not stop at the seeing it..
We have to get past acknowledging and go on to repentance and forgiveness and change...

I am in the middle of a revelation about myself ...
I am not big on sharing personal things as most often people either react with "Oh my, if the Lord were to speak that to me I sure wouldn't tell anyone.." to "good grief I wasn't expecting you to re-live it.."
Which is ok with me as it is pretty embarrassing to tell folks what my flaws are unless the Lord is using that circumstance to help someone else in a battle ...

But it is a heavy thing for me to hear and to see...
Denial is not always a river in Egypt..
Sometimes it is in us ..

My life has changed at that moment of truth..
The future is different now... I feel a little more apprehensive about it..
Dealing with all that it involves is a little hard..
But I know seeing is a gift from God and it is in His purpose that now is that time of change ...
Now is a time of dawning .. more darkness than at noon day..
as I walk on the light will shine more and I will see more and the heaviness will lift ...

Lord Bless you all in this New Year and may His light shine brighter and brighter in Your lives...
Filling your lives with every good and perfect gift....Smileycons!


 Jas 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning.