Truth is like a series of caverns, that we wish to enter, but are not able, to travel through them alone.

It is clear and bright at the entance to the caverns; but if we would go further, and explore its innermost recesses, we must have a guide, or we will lose ourselves. 

The Holy Spirit, Who knows all truth perfectly, is the appointed guide, of all true believers, and he conducts them from one chamber, to another, as they are able to go, so that, they see the deep things of God.

Jesus said, in John 16;13-''Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth.'' What a promise, this is, for the enquering mind. We want to know the truth, and to enter into it. we know we are prone to err, and feel, the urgent need of a guide.

We rejoice, that the Holy Spirit  has come and abides among us.  He will guide us into all Truth.