Well, here goes... my first blogging attempt. That is such a silly word, if you ask me.

Monday, baby Kincaid got his second round of vaccines at his 4 month check up. He was so crumpy afterwards and then the next day as well. He started getting back to normal Wednesday, but by evening, he was such a grump again. He is no longer his normal self.

Kincaid is my happy baby. He has been the easiest of all my children. He can be sick and still smile and laugh. The only time he screams is when he is hungry or has painful gas. I can suction out this guy's nose and he gets hysterical with laughter.

I just wonder if the vaccines are the cause of Kincaid's fussiness and sudden screams for no reason. Where is my constantly happy little fellow?

The past couple years, i have been hearing negatives about vaccines. Causes ADHD, allergies, and other ills. I have read things on both sides. Vaccines are totally safe, or they are totally evil. I have seen writings using Scripture as to why one should not be vaccinated. I can peruse the web and find whatever suits my needs. I could print something up to show my doctor about a study proving the harm vaccines cause.

I would love to just stop vaccines for all of my children, but is there really any proof anywhere, stating the harm in these shots? Many studies can end up proving what that particular doctor wants.

My opinion is... here i have a wee babe who got 4 different shots at both his two month and four month appointments. Who really knows what chemicals are in these? Where do they get them? (I only know about Chicken Pox. They used a strain of something from an aborted baby. So once we found this out, my children will not get it.) They have been combining vaccines, so you get one for three different things. Can a little body weighing less than 20 pounds handle all this? Would not a body react to it even if no visible signs are evident?

And let me ask you this. Is the hepititus B vaccine really needed for babies, who have no sexual contact, nor would come in contact with blood? Hmmm....