Dear Rev Tim,

Greetings in the Precious Jesus Name

You should have heard about the terrible earthquake and flooding which brought destruction, damage and death in our country. It seems that trouble has no certain time or place where it will strike, but through it all God is always there. God protected all of us.

As you were aware we had a sad thing happened next day of Christmas in our state. We had earthquake @ 6.45 am in the morning and for it lasted 2 minutes and later followed the tidal waves making a great devastation in our place. Oh it was only 5 kilometres away from our church and orphanage.

Thank God our none of our children were affected nor any damage for our children home. Its a very sad thing happened. The unexpected earthquake has been hitting our country and thousands of people were died due to this calamity and bodies are scattered in the seashore side. Corpses are scattered all over and dogs are eating it. Its terrible Government is removing all the bodies and making a mass burial. Many people are missing.

Please pray God should comfort them who have lost their loved ones. Many many children died. Its heartbreaking. We also went for rescuing the people. We saved few people from death. People are in panic and fear.

We can plainly see that the Lord is coming soon by all the things taking place all over the World. We distributed food and clothes to affected people yesterday. We were able to give away food packets to the needy in the affected area. We thank God that he allowed our ministry to do this help.

We prayed for them. Many were crying for their lost loved ones. One young boy who lost everyone ( his father & mother, one sister and one brother ) at his home only he survived. We wanted to do more for those needy and deserving people but we don,t have. We told them we are coming back with more help. You can join with us to help them if you want by sending some seperete contributions. I just ask that you will pray and listen to God and ask him to guide you. If you decide you want to make a commitment to help, feel free to contact us

We wanted to buy some blankets, mats, rice and give some money to buy their needs. If you want to just donate money and have us buy new bed sheets, banians, sarees and towels then you can write a cheque in the name of FULL GOSPEL CHURCH OF GOD IN TAMILNADU. No 14 Jayamal Street, Ayavu Colony, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 029. South India.

We pray the coming year will be a good one for us. I feel the Lord is saying that 2005 is going to be a year of prosperity in the Spirit as well as the natural. This is going to be a great year for the Body of Christ as well as a challenging year. We are going to see the hand of our Lord move supernaturally on our behalf. Praise the Lord!!! This will be a year of great harvest all over the world.

Thank you so much for your eagerness to serve your brothers and sisters in India. I greatly appreciate your love and concern brother. I thank God for connecting us in His Precious Love. Once again thank you for being part of our labor in India. A huge THANK YOU to all your family members who have prayed and supported us in this year. We feel truly blessed to have the support of such a wonderful family.

Please tell our love to everyone at home. Children convey their love and wishes to you all. We pray for you. I felt in my spirit to tell you that if you can set up a relief fund and write to to all your prayer partners to pray and send their generous support to you to help the suffering the people in India. It would be a great help at the time of their needs. Will it be Okay with you. I will keep sending you the recent updates fo the relief.


Be Blessed And Be A Blessing Always

Your brother in the Lord

Pastor John Caleb


Note from Pastor Tim -

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Pastor Tim and have no set up for handling disaster relief donations. However, we are recommending general donations for earthquake and tsunami relief be sent through Partners International.