I have sore feet tonight after spending the day at the Royal Ontario Museum. A group of friends joined us to spend Esther’s second-last day in Toronto together, and it was great to finally check out this landmark of my city. There were way too many exhibits and artifacts to see in one day, but my brain is overwhelmed with everything I did get to see, from dinosaur bones to Victorian-era bedrooms, marble busts and ancient Asian pottery. Torre slept through most of it, but Matt and I are both excited to share experiences like this with him when he is older and actually interested in things like dinosaurs or ancient Egypt or animals from around the world. We did try to take some pictures, but Torre was tired (read: miserable), so none of them look like any memories we want to hold on to.

Our long touristy day also means that there is little time left for blogging! I have laundry going and a batch of granola in the oven and am still gradually reclaiming the apartment from the chaos of our well-travelled Summer. These are all definitely nice things to be busy with :)

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