Here is something I have been thinking of mentioning for a while but wasn't sure if it was tacky or not. Today I've decided: it's my blog! Who cares if it's tacky! I am gonna tell all of y'all how to get some free stuff like I do, and it's totally up to you whether you do anything about it. I don't even actually think it's tacky.

Here's the deal. There is a website called swagbucks where you can collect made-up points and trade those points for real-life stuff. Like Amazon giftcards! That's all I've redeemed points for so far, but it's $15 towards Amazon that I didn't have three months ago, and that is not too shabby!

If you sign up, there are a bunch of bonus points you can earn at the beginning and it's pretty easy to accumulate enough to redeem for something. There are tasks that earn you small amounts of points each day, and there are special offers that can earn you a bunch of points all at once! One such offer is to sign up for a free trial of Netflix - if you do that, you will instantly (once they process it) have more than enough for a $5 amazon card.

Search & Win

^Click on up there and check it out if you're at all interested^

If you haven't tried Netflix before, you totally should! Matt and I have it instead of cable, and there are lots of great movies and TV shows available to watch. If it's not your thing, just cancel before your free month is up, but for $8/month it is cheaper than renting 2 movies, and it's available 24/7 at home without any hassle.

SO sign up for swagbucks, try out netflix if you haven't already, and download the toolbar if you want an easy way to earn points towards gift cards or the many other prizes Swagbucks offers! If you sign up through the banner, I will get matching points for the first 1000 points you win through searching!

Or, you know, carry on as usual :)

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