I went to the health store at the mall to buy toothpaste today. Remember how I’m a little bit crunchy? Well today I found out where I draw the line. I was looking for a brand called Tom’s, which makes toothpaste with a pretty short ingredient list and no fluoride – I bought it as an experiment a couple months ago since my teeth have become extremely sensitive and my gums have become really bleedy during pregnancy (it’s not all glamour, folks! LOL, as if you thought it was). I liked how things have gone, and I was all ready to drop $8 on a new tube, but the only flavour the store had today was fennel.

I asked the saleswoman if they had any other flavours stashed somewhere I couldn’t see, and her response was “it’s okay, this is an herb.” No ma’am I did not ask what fennel was, I asked if I could not have it in my toothpaste. Fennel in toothpaste is my line right now. I’m not saying it’s a forever thing for certain, but I am simply not in a place to spend $8 with the hope that Matt will still kiss me (because if he also draws the line at fennel, I can’t say that I blame him). I still bought overpriced crunchy toothpaste, but it was a $6 tube of some European-looking brand. Flavour: spearmint, thanks.

Used With Permission