It is half way through the month, which I figure is as good a time as any to check in with a quick goal update. Generally speaking, my three goals are going well:

  • I have flossed every single day, and it is starting to feel like a habit, so that is good.
  • I have not done an exercise video every single day. I was on a great streak then missed two days in a row and another day the same week. However, I still feel fairly successful because I notice my strength and stamina improving, as well as my posture!
  • I filed my taxes this week! This is exciting not only because it’s an achieved goal but because my expected refund is more than the balance owing on my student loan. Is it weird to use money the government owes me to pay back the money I owe the government? Regardless, it will be very nice to have that load off our debt shoulders :)

How about you? Are there any achievements or setbacks you want to share on the internet?

Used With Permission