I have seen two movies in theatres this week, and both times have been so much fun! Most of the time I don’t really care to go out, and this has been one of the most frequent negotiations for Matt and I in marriage – I love being home and he loves going out, and fortunately we love each other, so we do our best to communicate and compromise and usually things work out okay one way or the other :)

This week we finally went to see Skyfall, which we had planned a date night for weeks ago, but that got cancelled due to all the essays and sermons Matt had to write (it was also not a great night for my back, but like I said, I really don’t need any excuse to stay home). Now that the semester is over and Matt has had a few days to recuperate from his insane busyness over the last two months, we packed up the cineplex gift cards we’ve (I’ve) been hoarding and had a real, out-of-the-house date!

Skyfall is a COOL movie! I was so entertained, and the Truck was really kicky during all the exciting scenes, and everything was just fabulous. We went to Wendy’s after the movie to talk about how cool it was (and to eat, obviously, because very sadly I threw up my dinner that night). It was a really simple night out, but it was just so nice, and a little bit sentimental because it highlighted how easy everything is right now, compared to all the things that will change when the Truck is born. There were a couple previews for movies that are coming out in January, and I realized that if I want to see them, I’m gonna have to not procrastinate because…. this baby is coming!

My second date night this week was a house date. Matt and Kristen and I saw The Hobbit last night, and it was also such a fun time out together, not to mention a really well done movie. None of the previews intrigued me too much, which is just as well because I don’t want to have to actually live at the movie theatre next month. Again, the Truck was most active when I was most tense, so that was a good distraction, and I was very grateful to make it home safely because there was freezing rain when we came out of the theatre and I felt stressed. Matt and Kristen sandwiched me for stability on the walk to the car, which I was actually not too concerned about, and nobody drove/slid into us on the icy roads, which was my main concern. It is VERY wonderful to have a safe, warm home to come back to.

I think going out twice in the same week has just emphasized the luxurious sense of relaxing and anticipating Christmas. Yes, there are chores to get to, and I feel a bit of an urge to do Christmas nesting, but ultimately I know that Christmas will be here in a few short days whether the floors get mopped or not, so all the little jobs are just ways to make it nicer. If that makes any sense.

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