40 Weeks

40 WeeksWell, as you can see, watermelon week is over. Okay, maybe you can’t really see. The midwife says at this point the baby will continue to drop, and the amniotic fluid is depleting, so even though the baby is growing I might not get much bigger, and that was the case this week – my weight and belly measurement were the same as last week. The Truck is still active and strong, rolling around lots and occasionally sticking a foot out my side or up into my ribs.40 WeeksHere is a proper belly shot without props. Also, looking pregnant instead of looking like a skinny girl holding a watermelon. Yes I am wearing pre-pregnancy jeans, but no they are not done up, my long tank top just covers up the rubber band bridging the gap.

You may be interested to know that the fruit for the rest of my pregnancy, however long that shall be, is the jackfruit. I was certainly interested to read on wikipedia just now that it is the largest tree-borne fruit, “reaching as much as 80 pounds (36 kg) in weight and up to 36 inches (90 cm) long and 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter.

I saw jackfruit when I did a semester in Brazil – they grew on the property of the community centre I helped at. I never tried eating any because it smelled like overripe banana to me. In this moment, I kind of regret missing the opportunity to try it, but I can live with myself.  40 Weeks40 WeeksAs you can see, the wisdom of comparing 40-week fetuses to jackfruit is questionable – not only can their size be ridiculous, but (like the pineapple at week 31) the texture would be horrifying to birth. Just sayin’.

Anyways, life continues as usual – my parents arrive tonight, which is GREAT news! And yesterday I stocked up on some books from the library for the nights I don’t sleep and future many hours of nursing.40 WeeksI went with a mix of fiction, non-fiction and teen lit, so hopefully whatever mood strikes me at 1 in the morning something will appeal to me.

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