Oh yes, I almost forgot to share this picture of me and the Truck at 33 weeks! The day after my last picture, the baby flipped so that its head is down and it can finish growing in the proper position to be born. I was very proud to have such a smart baby :) and I am glad to know there is such a small, small chance of things changing and the baby being born breech.Le BumpAt my last midwife appointment my weight was down just over a pound, but the baby’s growth was consistent and its heartbeat was good, so nobody is too concerned. I had that horrible cold for about 10 of the 14 days between appointments, so although I was eating and resting we figure my body still had to dip into its reserves. I also found out that I have been really anemic, and taking Iron and B12 supplements has been helping me to sleep better and have a bit more energy. Not being sick and not being (as) anemic, plus with Christmas coming, I am hoping to pull off a great big weight gain in time for our first appointment of the new year :)

Speaking of the new year, being 33 weeks means I’m only 4 weeks away from being full-term! I am really looking forward to that milestone so that any possibility of pre-term labour can just be off the table! There isn’t any reason to be worried about pre-term labour, I think the only risk factor I have is being a first-time mother, BUT just like being happy the Truck has its head down, I’ll be happy to reach 37 weeks with everything going as it should. And that will be next month!! I’m still not wishing it away :)

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