I have not been following the meal plan I wrote out nearly as consistently in phase 1, but I am taking that as a good sign that I've become more comfortable with the "rules" (for lack of a better term) and am therefore more flexible to mix and match the food we have on hand with the days I had planned we'd eat them. Having a meal plan definitely makes it easier to shop, so I hope I continue this habit well beyond the diet!

With that said, here are the dinners I planned for phase 2, whether we've eaten them in that order or not!

  • chicken breast, pan-fried sweet potato, green beans
  • goat stew (this will get pushed to next week, but the meat is in the freezer anyways)
  • sweet and sour lentils with steamed broccoli
  • rib eye roast with vegetables
  • squash soup with apples, garnished with sour cream
  • spaghetti squash, ground beef and tomato sauce, green salad
  • the seventh meal was going to be salmon fillets with green beans and corn, but I couldn't find the salmon I wanted at the grocery store. It is looking like we may have enough of other meals for leftovers anyways.

Lunches are still mostly left overs, with tuna salad or hard boiled eggs and veggies as backup.

Our breakfast smoothies have gotten tastier in this phase with the addition of yogurt and concentrated orange juice to mix things up. I may also add avocado or spinach to my smoothie, but that is not new. I thought we'd be so excited to have fruit again, as well as some dairy products (including sour cream and cheese), but not a whole lot has actually changed from phase 1 yet. I did make up some bean dips (white and black) that we will enjoy on corn tortillas for snacking, but we haven't been snacky so far this week, and we always have a really tasty dinner to look forward to anyways! Maybe on the weekend :)

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