I have loved settling in to the reality of being a mother. Torre has been such an easy baby so far, my sleep has been interrupted, but I haven’t been exhausted, and the joy of being able to meet his needs more than makes up for the inconvenience of waking up to nurse in the night.

It has also been pleasant to discover that nothing about my baby is gross! Changing diapers, being spit up on, feeling the spreading warmth of pee leaking out of a diaper and soaking through my jeans… all of these things are still glowy and sweet, hardly even an inconvenience. As we start to come to terms with our new normal, I’m enjoying short to-do lists that sometimes get sidelined in favour of watching Torre sleep. And that’s okay.

My Dad was showing me some videos earlier this afternoon, and I realized one way that motherhood has changed me. This is the one that did me in – a dad sends his son’s favourite toy train on a trip to space.

12 days ago, this sweet video would not have made me cry. But today, there was a little blonde baby sleeping on my lap, and I am overwhelmed with love for him and who he’ll grow up to be. Even when he has only grown up into a four or five year old who loves a toy train. Sob.

Used With Permission