My baby is one month old today! This must be the fastest a month has ever passed in my life, and I know it’s only a taste of what’s to come.

One MonthI am mind-blown,
since he came into the world,
this son in my arms,
who grew in my belly.
How can it be
that every person on the planet came from a seed
planted in a womb,
nourished by blood, and
ripened in water?
Delivered alien,
How can it be that my flesh,
born from flesh,
has borne flesh?
Conception created the
inception of a human being:
belly within a belly,
my eyes in his face,
my heart in his hands,
captured with his first wavering cry
as his slippery skin turned pink
and his ten toes wiggled.

And now he sighs,
asleep on my lap,
too perfect to stay this small,
I know he will grow as fast as my wonder.

Used With Permission