PreparationsOne week before Christmas I am finally starting to settle into anticipation and soak in the Christmas spirit. I’m really glad because some years December is so hectic it feels like savouring Christmas can’t happen until Boxing Day!

I have been off work for a little over a month now, which has been a blessing. It was definitely an adjustment to be home so much more and still feel like I accomplish so little, but Matt has been wonderfully supportive, and I feel that I’ve learned pretty quickly to respect the new limits my body sets.

KitchenThere was a time when waking up to this kitchen would have stressed me out, but today I know it just means we had stove-top cocoa and a late-night pasta meal after Kristen did the dishes. Someone will clean this up, and it might be me, and it might be today, but knowing for sure is no longer a deal-breaker on my happiness. As long as it’s done before Christmas (and we don’t run out of dishes in the meantime, because that sucks), I’m okay with it, and so far there’s a whole week to slowly and steadily prepare this home as well as my heart for Dec. 25.

Part of that preparation involves letting go more than my housekeeping ideals. For the umpteenth year in a row I had dreams of writing a Christmas letter that have gone unfulfilled. I’d apologize, but if you’re reading this then you probably already know generally what Matt and I’ve been up to this year. I hope to make time for an end of year reflection post because looking back can be helpful for moving forward. But we’ll see :)

PreparationsSpeaking of preparations, this is (sort of) the Truck’s corner in our room. This past week or so has actually been really productive in terms of getting ready to meet our baby – that dresser will double as a changing table, so it was moved into our room recently, and its drawers are now mostly full of cloth diapers, newborn clothes and blankets. Matt and I had dinner with my brother- and sister-in-law on Sunday and received an amazing car-seat, stroller and high chair that they no longer need. We have been so blessed by many friends and family giving us beautiful new and used items for our baby, and I am so excited that we will have time after Christmas (unless something very unexpected happens!) to focus on preparing to become a family of 3 :D

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