Our church is putting on a Vacation Bible School this week, and I am finally able to help out this year! (thanks, mat leave :) ) There are a ton of pictures because we have a resident photographer capturing moments around the church each day at all the different stations, but I don’t have access to those pictures yet sooo enjoy this text-only post :)

Only one day has passed by, and I am already feeling so blessed and sustained by God since I am definitely operating outside of my comfort zone. I am in charge of the kitchen, which is not a small undertaking for a full-day camp with two snack times and a break for lunch! Fortunately the campers bring a packed lunch, and we have it set up so that each day one group helps me prepare the first snack for everyone. Today there was a possibly miraculous intervention when we didn’t run out of jam and had exactly the number of bread slices we needed to make a sandwich for every kid who came to camp today. There were also many sweet moments of kids sharing and being kind to one another, which is always heart warming. It was so encouraging to see the kids, big and small, jump right in to perform this act of service including NOT licking their fingers during the process!

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows – these kids have a ton of energy, and some like to show off by pushing boundaries and testing the leaders. There were also the inevitable bumps and bruises and a case of homesickness, but all in all today was a great start to the week! Now that the ball is rolling, I’m hoping tomorrow my kitchen helper and I can also bake up some goodies to keep our staff/leaders energized for another full day of showing God’s love to these kids in a really tangible way.

Used With Permission