Matt and I had a wonderful mini-vacation this week – after (delicious!) Christmas dinner with family in Newmarket we spent three nights with my dad’s side of the family up in Orillia. I think it is the longest stay we have had since getting married, and it was so nice to have so much downtime, to chat and watch movies and eat leftovers :)34 WeeksMy Grandma was kind enough to handle taking a bump picture for me on Thursday when the Truck and I marked 34 weeks. It was so funny reading my weekly prego email this week because it was right on the mark about how I’ve been uncomfortable the last few days – achy pelvis, tired eyes, rolling over in bed is getting to be a huge production. Word is the Truck is the size of a butternut squash and is producing about a pint of pee per day.34 WeeksMatt and I had a wonderful moment on Boxing Day when we took a $50 gift card to Toys R Us to see if there were any great sales to take advantage of, and we ended up walking out of the store empty handed. There was a lot of really cute stuff, and some pretty cool stuff, as well as some obvious over-marketing to new parents BUT none of it was anything we need before the baby actually arrives, and we would rather have the gift card for things we need down the road. For our real baby! It’s still hard to believe that all these months of waiting and preparing are actually such a small portion of how our lives will change. There are still preparations to be made (I borrowed a sewing machine and a steamer to help with my ongoing nesting, and our apartment is definitely set up for Christmas, not a home birth), but it keeps hitting me more and more often that all of this momentous anticipation is part of my life that the Truck won’t be able to fathom – parents before they were parents! Growing up, when I looked at photo albums from my baby years I couldn’t be bothered with too many pictures before I came on the scene in all my chubby-cheeked, grey-eyed glory, and it is strange to now be living in that era of irrelevance for my own child.

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