Ah how I love the miscellany I get to write about on Thursdays! From daily life to spiritual life to sarcastic reflections on pregnancy, it’s just so nice to have this outlet for sharing three things at a time :) With that said, I am pleased to announce three firsts that Torre’s had this week!

1. First stroller outing sitting forward instead of strapped into the car seat attachment (the huggies box is not product placement but a simple testimony to our messy apartment these days)

torre in stroller

I can’t actually look directly at this picture because my heart might just explode with cuteness and being overwhelmed how quickly and beautifully my baby is growing up.

2. First baby cereal (that can of coke is not product placement either)

3. First toothDSC07636DSC07637

“Um, Alyssa, those pictures hardly show anything,” you may say. And you would be right. Will you take my word that his top left tooth has broken through and the top right one is on its way? Because I have a grabby baby who is shy about his mouth apparently (that’s his thumb in the top pic). He hasn’t been too fussy, although he has been drooling lots and chomping away at anything he can get in his mouth. He especially enjoyed noshing the end of this cold watermelon rind after our long drive home from Quebec city!torre's watermelon!

Used With Permission