Number one - I started reading Anna Karenina on my Christmas eReader, and it is way easier to get into than I expected! I downloaded it free from Kobo because it's a classic, and I like to be classy with free books ;) I don't want to speak too soon, but a couple chapters into it I'm very interested to see just what happens and how things all turn out.

The cutest thing on today's list is that Nimoy made a friend! There are no pictures yet, but his buddy looks close enough to this dog. Three Things Thursday [Vol.2]He is a puppy, and about Nimoy's size at this point, and he was tooootally freaked out when we first showed up, but they were running around in the yard together and trying to wrestle a bit by the time we had to go. I think Nimoy knows he's a puppy because he was so... NICE! Like when ten year olds have to play tag with four year olds, but they let themselves get caught sometimes. I have the best dog :)

Last thing is that I have been reading tons this week about how grains might be super bad for you. I'm not completely sold, but I will definitely continue to think about it and read more. If you're curious, check out this post How Grains Are Killing You Slowly, and also read an interview about the harmful effects of wheat with the author of Wheat Belly.

If you take the time to read either article, I'd love to hear what you think!

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